My mother is 88 years old. her Her heating unit just went out. It is just becoming winter. Is there a someone that can help her. I am on SSI so I can barely make it myself. I hate to see her cold.

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Call your Social Service agency for your area and see if she qualifies for emergency relief. If she is already receiving Medicaid, call her worker.
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Call your mother's local city or township and find out which department handles HUD emergency repairs. Not all cities participate though. Our city gets these funds through a HUD grant; they're generally for emergency repairs. I don't know though how much paperwork is required before repairs can be made.

Other sources to contact for assistance are Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in Action, although I think the latter only provides volunteers for a limited time during spring.

United Way hotline, 211, might be able to offer some help. You can also call the radio stations; sometimes they can quickly locate a heating contractor who will help out a needy person.
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Contact your local council on aging to see if they have a list of groups that might help.

Once the heating unit is fix, might be the time to think about downsizing and having Mom sell the house as you never know what new repair will be needed such as the plumbing or replacing appliances.
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