Is there an agency that covers senior transportation in Deltona, FL area?


I'm looking for help for my Mother with shopping, doctors appointments, running errands, etc. Is there a bus or shuttle in the Deltona area for this or other support groups.

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The Area on Agency has a program titled Same Address. It coordinates and arranges for various projects, such as maintenance. In my area, there's a long waiting list.

Based on a little information I learned about this program from a conversation with one of the staffers, it's called a "concierge" service because the program staffers make the arrangements and handle payments - you pay them. It takes a lot of control out of your hands. Some people are comfortable with this; others are not.

I found a top notch handyman service years ago by cold calling, interviewing and getting written estimates. Their prices were reasonable.

Regardless of who you find, get a copy of the liability certificate, call the underwriter to ensure that the insurance is still in effect. I ran into two so-called handymen who claimed to have insurance but kept forgetting to provide the certificates. I knew they didn't have insurance, so there was no way I would hire them.

As to getting groceries and running errands, I don't really have any suggestions other than be aware of the liability issues if you find someone who wants to use your car. If this person has his/her own car, they could be considered a chauffeur, performing tasks for hire. I'm not up to speed on all the nuances of this, so it's something to run by your insurance agent to ensure that any accidents the person might have don't affect you or your mother.

As to medical transport, contact the local public transit agency and ask about point to point transportation, paratransit or small bus services. They're cheaper than the commercial companies that provide similar services.
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Yes, I was trying to figure out what Aging Care was. I just started receiving e-mail newsletters one day and I don't know how or why they started. They are informative and helpful though. And, I am looking for someone to help my Mother in Deltona, FL area. Only need simple things though like a reliable maintenance person to fix house repairs, and someone to help her with groceries and errands.
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What agency are you referring? Or are you asking about Aging Care? If you are asking about Aging Care, please note this is an information only website, where there is information about caregiving, and forums where we can ask each other questions.

As for your area of the country, your best bet is to contact your local agency on aging to see what information they have for your questions.
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