We recently took Mom to live with us since she has dementia and cannot live alone. She needs constant care including bathroom hygiene. My question husband and I are booked on a cruise for October 2017....are there agencies who could take over care of her for one husband and I are both in our 70's and need time alone on vacation!

PS we live in NY my son and his wife both work and have three children, our daughter has three children and live in IL.

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Glad you are thinking ahead one year, and not the last minute.

With dementia anything can happen during the upcoming year. You may wind up with having a caregiver coming in on a regular basis, and maybe that caregiver would be willing to work during your cruise time. It would be expensive but you would know your Mom is in good hands.

There are also Memory Care centers that can offer "respite" care for a week or so, that way your Mom may like being on a "stationary cruise ship" living and being with others of her own age group, doing activities, etc. Good to book ahead for her stay if you think your Mom wouldn't mind doing that.
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I was able to book mom into a nursing home for 2 weeks while I was on vacation, would you consider that?
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