Mom lives me and was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Mom is deaf. I would like to see her socialize with the deaf community. Does anyone have any ideas on deaf activities for senior citizens in Indianapolis Indiana? The doctor just told her this week that she can no longer drive. Any agencies that provide transportation to and from deaf activities? I am also looking for a therapist that can sign so mom can talk about grieving...lost her husband (my dad) 2 years ago. Any info would be helpful

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DfC - I assume your mom has been deaf for a long time since you are looking for a therapist that signs. You must have a state or local agency that deal with deaf community. They would be who to go to to find the transportation and therapy services your mom needs. Your local council on aging might have tips about transportation but they may need help with the deaf activities part. We have limited transportation her in New Hampshire but you should have plenty in your area. Also, do you have a faith community that might help provide transportation to/from activities? Local senior center might have some activities that your mom could take part in, even if she is deaf.
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