Are there any agencies that have Italian speaking caregivers that work with Catholic Charities?


I have a 92 year old mother who needs daily care. We are approved to work through Catholic Charities and would prefer someone who speaks Italian

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Marge, a few thoughts...

I don't know specifically what Catholic Charities provides, i.e., home caregivers, or references to agencies, and/or whether it provides direct service or referral service, etc.

So you might reach out to Italian groups in your area for bilingual people, who might be caregivers and could make arrangements to work with CC.

Or you might consider just directly hiring someone who's an English/Italian bilingual speaker for interpretation only. That might offer comfort to your mother if someone can interpret while the caregiver provides care as necessary.

BTW, does CC have any suggestions? Are you in or close to an Italian community?
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For a special request like having a caregiver who speaks Italian, you would need to speak directly with Catholic Charities.
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