I’ve started having panic attacks, seizures due to the stress of being possible homeless & nobody will do anything. I’m at my bottom here & tired of fighting. Fighting for what... still no job, or way to live. I started asking for help with work November 2016 & was looked right over & today I’m told there’s a waiting list. I’m losing my apartment now after loading internet & phone. I’m going to have a stroke or heart attack I can feel it. No hope in Mississippi :(

Are you in section 8 housing? Are you on Medicaid? A little more info would help us to help you. You sound beat down but please don't give up!
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One thing I know Mississippi has a lot of are churches. Even if you don’t go to one, try calling one of the bigger churches and ask for help. If they truly walk their talk, they will at least offer you food or direction on what to do or what places can be helpful.
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Geaton777 Aug 12, 2019
Yes, I'm an elder in my small church and we help people all the time who come to us in crisis.
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With all ur problems, why are you not on Social Security Disability.

"Losing apt after loading internet and phone." Are u saying you are losing ur apartment because you have these things? If so, get rid of them. You can get free phones and minutes thru some of the providers, tracfone for one. Data takes place of ur internet. My daughter watches movies on hers.

You don't mention your age. Office of Aging should be able to help. Social Services too.

Really need more info to point u in the right direction.
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