Handshakes will be out for me, hand sanitizer will be in most of my rooms, car and purse at all times. I will have a three month food supply for an emergency, maybe install a bidet in our bathroom, communal food containers will be a thing of the past, pushing elevator buttons with some type of protection, social distancing, cut down on appointments, using telemed for doctor appointments. Won't shop every three days, instead once week or every other week, limit eating out at restaurants. Make food ahead of time and freeze, makes life a lot easier. I learned I can be still and enjoy the quietness no matter how much work I have to do, I learned it is ok to take an afternoon nap and take a good amount of time for myself. I also learned I had to depend on myself for my health, and the health of my mother. Doctors and staff were more concerned with the virus as opposed to our underlying conditions and the doctors were not available. Be more independent thinking when it comes to our health. I could go on and on, but I will leave the rest to all of you. My old habits will be changed forever!

Find Care & Housing
I'm learning almost anything can be ordered online and delivered, going to continue utilizing that after the pandemic so the respite time I get can be used for fun and not errands.

I agree with the poster who mentioned the garden. I will try to have a more prolific garden this year to grow my own food instead of relying so heavily on the grocery store.

I'm intending on setting boundaries regarding visitors. My siblings would drop in unannounced at random times to see mom, overstay and tire her out. With the time to reflect, I realize I need to set guidelines for them and try to educate them on what mom can handle.
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Nothing. Not going to live my life in fear...Already gave up enough from January to April....time for life to get back to the way it was.
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MaryKathleen Apr 25, 2020
Good for you. I pretty much feel the same way.
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I am grateful for many things during this pandemic.
That I am in good health, that I like to spend time on my own, that it is nice to go for long walks.
I was following Dave Ramsey's 10 Steps before all this happened, so I did not have a problem with money. Thankfully. I lost my business, which can be rebuilt again, but I wasn't distressed.
I'm living with my elderly parents, and that has been very difficult. As their stress levels rose, and my father's behaviour became very challenging I had to learn a new way of dealing with him. My old ways didn't work, we were constantly arguing.
I learnt to let him do what he wants, within reason. I learnt to identify that he lives with low lying anxiety most of the time, I realised that I pick up on this and it makes our exchanges very difficult. Now I cut short interactions, I leave the room, I stay silent and don't engage. While I'm getting used to this new way (and so is he) I am peaceful. Since he doesn't get a reaction from me, he is quiet.
When things resume (to a new normal) I will slow my pace down. Yes I need money to live, but life is about so much more than what I do for a living. And I've missed people, seeing friends, will be a real pleasure.
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Arwen31 Apr 28, 2020
This was very useful to read. The "low level anxiety" part really was an eye opener. I think the same is happening to my mom, and I absorb it badly.
Thank you so much for sharing.
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Maybe, I'm naive, but, feel like once they get an effective vaccine, I'll resume my socializing. Perhaps, wash my hands more, but, I'll return to concerts once again and to dining out. I will stock up more though. I think that Mormons were supposed to always keep a year's supply of food and necessary items on hand at all times. I wish I had done that, even though, I'm not a Mormon. If I can ever get things like alcohol, toilet paper, bleach, sanitizer, canned food, frozen foods, staples, etc. I will have enough on hand to last me a year, just in case another virus comes around.
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I'm a planner so already had plenty of food, paper products, etc. (I stock up when items are on sale,). With three boys, I've been surprised at how quickly it goes!

One thing I hope will be talked about more as we recover from this pandemic is financial preparedness. I realize that people who make low wages can't save easily. I'm thinking more about people who make a comfortable living and spend, spend, spend. I hope that more people realize the need for savings. I read a statistic that 60 percent of Americans don't have $1000 in savings. No wonder so many people are hurting for money.

My husband and I are very frugal and are so thankful now that we are. Over the years, it's been hard watching our friends go out to eat often, go on cruises, buy new cars, etc. But, we are OK during this and those same friends are struggling. I hope that they learn from this experience, skip Starbucks and put some money aside.
(Getting down from my high horse now...)

Like others, I miss hugs...especially my mom!!

The change that I did make was getting some cash to have at home.

Apparently, the black market for toilet paper only takes cash!
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jacobsonbob Apr 25, 2020
You're a wise ant (as opposed to a foolish grasshopper!).
Great posting!
Oh my goodness where do I start??
I would definitely be more prepared, I’m so ashamed that I was so unprepared this first time, I can’t believe it’s late April and I still can’t find toilet paper, not even on Amazon.

I would want to be prepared from ‘November to April’ with ALL paper products from toilet paper to my mother’s depends! Have a fully stocked medicine cabinet...Mucinex, Tylenol, Robitussen, Aspirin, Vitamins & Minerals. At least a 90 supply of our daily meds. Major cleaning supplies from bleach (bc I still can’t find bleach) wipes, sanitizers, aerosol disinfectant (to spray on our shoes!) detergent, distilled vinegar, soap, disposable masks & gloves.

Canned salmon, tuna fish, beans, PB & J. I want to have my food cabinets fully stocked So all I need to order for grocery delivery is produce/meat. it’s been outrageously expensive to buy weekly items from Apps (please don’t get me wrong I appreciate that it’s even available when you actually get a delivery date) but when you really don’t have money it’s a real hardship for delivery fees, service fees and tipping on every single purchase. Extra batteries, flash lights for a storm during Covid-19 too.

I wish I had a washer & dryer it’s been completely stressful, and anxiety to no end to go out and wash our clothes at a laundromat...I actually pay for a second wash cycle bc I don’t know who used the machine before me and extra extra hot time in the dryer, I’m paranoid.

We live in the epicenter of this virus in this country, I’m still so worried I can’t even sleep. I see so many ppl not taking it seriously at all and it’s sad. I thank God I have a home with a backyard, small porch at least we can go out and get some fresh air once the weather gets warmer.

Actions I would change - no more kissing ppl hello, no more peace be with you handshakes at Mass, or any business interactions, I don’t believe I’ll be taking my mom to any restaurants anytime soon (or any other crowded place), it’s hard for someone with Dementia not to touch their face, etc. it’s hard for me!

wow I’m writing too much (sorry) you get the picture;)
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Slow Living
Accomplishing only 2 important things a day
Nourishing spirit
Turning from vegetarian to vegan
Helping saving animals from animal markets and animal farms
Calling all my friends every weekend
Cutting down all non essential
Live every day as it was the last one
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Get out more.

Love deeper
Speak sweeter
Give forgiveness I've been denying

Tim McGraw Live like you were Dying.
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Arwen31 Apr 25, 2020
: )
Since this lockdown I am no longer living with the manic schedule that was my everyday reality. For the first few weeks the abrupt slow down had me filled with anxiety. I found myself rushing for no reason. I did not know how to cope with such a drastic change. As time went on I started to unwind, take my time and notice the world around me.

I still have both my jobs but one of them I am working from home and the demands are far less. My other job has flexible hours so I can work more or less hours, as I am able. On Sunday morning my small church does an hour zoom meeting where we all check in and share with each other. Somehow that feels more spiritual to me than our services. I can't visit Mom in AL but I call everyday and drop off little treats now and then. Since I have no control over this situation there is no guilt and no pressure anywhere in my life right now. I am more patient with myself and others. My struggle with resentment is fading away.

I don't forget for one minute that I am blessed to be healthy and still working right now. I know there are people all over the world whose lives have been ravaged by this pandemic. For that reason I will not take any of this for granted. When this is over, I am not sure what changes I will make, but I will not go back to things as they were.
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I won't be do much changing. I need to keep a little more money at home, and be sure we have two backup bottles of Peroxide and Lysol wipes. Other than that, our life will be about the same.

For us, all that hand sanitizer and germ chasing in the house is not necessary. There are just 2 of us in the house. No one except the cleaning lady who comes twice a month has been in our house for months. My daughter might have been in 3 months ago or so. Hubby and I remember the quarantines from years ago. Remember, we delt with Polio, Scarlet Fever, Bryce Disease, Mumps, WhoopingCough, Measles and and many other diseases. I have been quarantined before so this is not my first rodeo, maybe that makes a difference.

I have a girlfriend who is a germ-a-phobic. She drives me nuts spraying everything down all the time. She does not give her body time to develop immunity to anything. I believe we need to develop anti-bodies to diseases. Otherwise, our poor immune system doesn't develop because it has nothing to practice on. I think that was a George Carlin saying.

Since this is not my or hubby's first rodeo with communicable diseases, I guess we have a different attitude. Also, we have tried to learn from life and we always have plenty of food on hand. I went hungry when I was young and it leaves marks on your soul. Our big shopping was fresh fruits and vegetables, The stores had plenty of those. I am going to keep trying to purchase food that is grown here in the U.S.
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