My husband passed now grown children want to take everything. I have guardianship. Husband has three rental house that have boys name on two deeds of rentals but I have bring one collecting rent from rentals and keeping rentals in same.

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Hurting - really you need to gather up any & all paperwork on the properties - including the last tax assessor bill/statement, your late husbands will & any codicil and meet with a probate attorney or an estate law attorney. Try to do it this week. You need legal council on all this that works for however your state does its death & estate laws.

Where I live (Louisiana) often for 2nd or 3rd wives, a usufruct is done which ensures that the wife continues to be able to stay or use whatever property or items owned by the deceased for the rest of their lifetime or till they decide to relinquish use of to the actual owners which usually are the kids from the first marriage.

IF by guardianship you meant you had guardianship of you hubby, that ended when he died. Really whatever is in hubs will or a codicil to his will or however the property ownership reads (if property was transferred while he was alive) will determine what happens. To ensure your position is heard, you have to get legal involved as a judge is going to have to rule on something. I'd contact the attorney who did the guardianship paperwork to find a referral for an attorney. Good luck and get organized.
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