My friend used to have someone who used to take care of him and help him keep healthy. She moved out of town with her mom and I was doing all the work she was doing and still I'm wondering how can I get paid for it like she was.

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You really should speak to your friend's former caregiver about who was paying her and how.
Your friend was not paying her out-of-pocket. If he was then there would be no need for you to get a back round check or anything like that because he could just pay you directly for services.
He's on whatever the Canadian version of Medicaid is and it allows for a caregiver of his choice to work for him and the state pays for it.
He has to contact his caseworker from the Department of Social Services. The case worker will send him paperwork and be able to explain whatever steps him and you need to complete for you to take over the caregiver job and get paid.
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kassandra, the vast majority of friends and grown children who are taking care of of an older friend or a parent do not get paid here in the States..... unless your older friend can pay you from their savings.

I see from your profile you live in Canada, so hopefully those who are regulars on this forum that are from Canada can give you more information. The care system here in the States is probably different.
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kassandra0 - who was paying the previous caregiver? Either ask your friend or the caregiver.

And why are you doing all the work and just now looking to get paid? Why did you not ask your friend about compensation prior to doing the work?
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Have an attorney write a caregiver contract.

Best of luck to you.
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BurntCaregiver Apr 17, 2021
No need to pay a lawyer to write up a caregiver contract.
They're in Canada and their national health allows for a certain amount to be paid out for private homecare.
The friend would not be paying her directly. The Canadian national health would be.
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