Just another system from where I live, is governed by the government subsidy which stops immediately. The institution has to get the room cleared out and re-let almost immediately, as finances are knife-edge. Arranging for the body to be removed and then cleaning all belongings out of the room on the same day or early morning the next day, is really quite stressful, especially if you are not expecting it.
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Assuming she’s in under a private pay contract with her as the signor for the admission contract, after she dies, if there are any bills or other charges for her, those should become debts against her estate. The NH will have to bill her estate (and file whatever document to probate once that is opened) or try to get family to pay them.

If she’s a Medicaid LTC resident, their reimbursement daily payment to the NH stops the day she dies and there is no additional R&B bill paid.
If on Medicaid, the monthly copay has been paid and should be returned for unused days once Medicaid closes out her account.

If she was on Medicaid, there too likely was a personal needs allowance account at the NH for her and that $ should be released via check to whomever ever was on file for her at the NH in their name. It too technically becomes an Asset of her estate.

if you can try to have any checks issued in your name and you sign them over to the funeral home to,pay towards her funeral real costs. This way it never commingles with your own personal bank account.
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Most hospitals and nursing homes charge for the First Day (or Day of Admission to the facility) and then do NOT charge for the Last Day (or the Day of Discharge from the facility). 

If you paid for 30 days for the month and your Loved One died on Day 22, then the nursing home will charge you for 21 days and reimburse you for any remaining days (Day 22 to Day 30) that you have already paid for. 

For example, my Mom was charged for the day that she was admitted to the nursing home (even though she was admitted at 4:30 PM); and was NOT charged for the day she died (even though she died at the end of the 24-hour day at 8:30 PM.)   Thus I paid for 16 days of care for September because Mom died on September 17, 2018.

I hope that this information is helpful.
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You pay ahead. So if Mom passes this month, you have already paid for the month. You owe nothing. You may be entitled to a refund for days or services not being used. SS will stop.
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