Give me some of your creative reasons you have *fibbed* to your LO about why they are going to the *doctor*
She has dementia. Sometimes appears pretty clear other times.....
I may actually be able to get her to a nice NH where she will be safe before she cracks her head being alone when caregivers aren't at her house.
Fingers crossed.

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I never told Mom she was going to the doctor until I picked her up.

Make a list of what you have seen. Not long. Like 1, 2, 3. Big Font. This will give him a base to ask the right questions.
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Went to see her this afternoon. I haven't been to see her since before Christmas due to amazing advice from all of you here. My husband has been going to see her and refill pills. Even though she rarely takes them. I walked in the house and into the living room where she was watching tv. She just looked at me. No recognition at all. My husband walked in behind me and she was so excited to see him!
I had typed a large note to leave on the table that she had a Dr appt Tuesday. She asked me why and I said because you have to do your annual for Medicare. 2 minutes later I hugged her and said I'd see her Tuesday. She looked at me and said why? Sigh.....
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Wow! Marvelous answers on this thread. Use them all! One at a time.
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Told my mom that Dr Primary Care ordered she see a neurologist to get help with her insomnia. Partly true.
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If the doctor suggests a neuro-psych eval saying it is to get a baseline helps. Worked with my mom even though I knew something was way off. Of course she thought she would do well, but she got a dementia diagnosis. The neuro psych eval can not be fooled. It is an objective test.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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"We have an appointment at 2." "I didn't ask why, I just follow orders. I don't know why you made this appointment."
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The doctor needs to adjust your medication.
Your blood work is overdue.
It's time for annual physical.

I know you really want to say "Because I said so, and I don't want to hear any backtalk!"
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