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if they are applying for LTC Medicaid, my experience is the day that they sign off to file the Medicaid application is the day the copay to the NH is required to be paid. If the application is filed mid month, then it’s prorated to that day for that first month only.

they should be at under 2k in assets if they are a widow or widower in most states in order to be “at need” to apply to LTC Medicaid. Unless they are in state that allows for above that amount. I think NY & CT have higher asset limits. You need to clearly check with your state as to exactly what the asset maximum allowable.

regarding allowing the NH to become the elders representative payee, that’s what JoAnn did for her mom, this is not required to be done. Often the DPOA find this is easier so do it. Sometimes the facility will heavily imply that it needs to be done. It does not have to be done.

For my mom, she continued to get her SS and other pension going direct deposit to her old checking account, & I wrote a check out to the NH each month by 5th of the mo. to the exact copay amount as per the States Medicaid eligibility letter to her less a $60 personal needs allowance. The PNA stayed in moms checking account and built up over time.... if you do this, you must pay attention to make sure it never ever exceeds to over 2k as per the monthly bank statement. For my moms situation, this actually was important as I moved her to another much better NH within her first year. It would have been quite quite difficult to get the old Nh to do the release of their rep payee status (their accounting Dept was abysmal). Besides I was pretty OCD on her finances. It’s up to you, if you are POA, if you want to have the facility become the rep payee.
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When my Mom went into LTC she only had 2 months of private pay which included her SS. So I allowed the NH to become Moms payee the day I admitted her. The two months gave me time to apply and get approved by Medicaid.

I would say that the month that Medicaid starts, the check received that month goes to the NH. The NH billing department should be able to tell you.
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It depends on how much money that have left for private pay and when the Medicaid app is submitted. Then the NH resident needs to actually qualify. There is a "look back" period that differs for each state. In GA is 60 months (5 years). Hopefully, your LO or the financial PoA has been managing their money in such a way as to not appear (or actually) to be gifting money to anyone. In my MIL's case, it took 3 months from submission of app to acceptance. Any "funny business" with their money could delay or disqualify them. If the county or the NH is the guardian then they will take care of the app. In my state Medicaid uses all but $90 every month to pay for the NH. In other states it is less.
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