The POA of my Aunt is using all of her money. She gets nothing. The POA does bring her food and pays her rent, but she gets quite a bit of money and she never gets any of it. It has been reported, so just wondering what will happen next and when will my aunt be able to get her check back? She is capable of paying her bills, and spending her money, but she gets NONE. She is being used. POA also refuses to give my aunt her state ID, so she cant even go to the bank and TRY to see WHY her balance shows 0!!

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Can’t she set up access to her account online?
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Yes I have a ton of proof, and it was given when we filed the report. We also ran a Credit Karma report on her. It showed credit accounts were open on dates she was in a long term care facility, and I doubt at 82 she needs a Summit racing Credit Card. We have the proof. The officer said that because of the amount we are able to prove, the fact that current POA hasnt worked in 5 years and able to survive and buy a house, the charge with be felony larceny and elder abuse with malicious intent. I was in the military and deployed, I am out now and after 6 months just finding out this information. So, yes I have the facts all correct. I DO NOT want to be her POA, she doesnt need one. I just want her to get HER money SHE WORKED for back.
Needtowashhair: I THANK YOU. Duh! Having her CALL the bank I didnt think about! We shall try tomorrow as the banks are closed.!!! Thank You for a genuine helpful answer!
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Nikole, was it you who made the financial abuse report? I hope you're sure of your facts. Who is your aunt's POA?

The POA may be keeping your aunt's money from her for very sound reasons which are in your aunt's best interests: that's why I ask if you're sure of your facts. The POA's not allowing your aunt access to her own money may seem drastic, but a) it doesn't for a second prove that the money isn't being kept safe and used only for legitimate purposes; and b) you'd need to know why the POA has taken this step. Has your aunt been a victim of fraudsters or abusers in the past, for example?

Anyway, I should tread very carefully if I were you. How did you become aware of the situation?
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Instead of going into the bank, has your aunt tried calling in? Obviously they can't ask to see a state ID over the phone. Instead they ask a series of questions to verify her identity. Once that's done, she can ask over the phone what's going on. She can ask about her balance and the transactions. She may be able to ask them to revoke access to the POA if that's what she wants.
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