Worse part about it she lied. She would blame it on too many thoughts coming into her mind. Never once did she say hey I took a diet pill at noon so I'm not sleeping so well. Nope she allowed her family to feel sorry for her because she does not sleep well. Another issue is her real medications. She takes a thyroid med, blood thinner, and BP med, which interacts with Phentermine. Plus she takes an anti-depressant because she told the doctor she has trouble sleeping. None of her doctors know she gets Phentermine prescribed to her. She goes to a special 'fat' doctor (her term). They give her the pills right there in office. She's suppose to be on a Keto diet but eats very little food. Only candy and sweets.
My biggest issue: She stays up most of the night then drives around. If I say ANYTHING about it, she will fly into one of her narcissistic rages of hell. Another issue: Phentermine is addictive. I've seen her without it. Straight dark depression. I feel like I have a ticking time bomb of calamity sitting on the living room couch watching TV all day. I have no idea what to do. I could rat her out, tell all her doctors or allow her to continue on with life the way she wants to live.
I wished she would accept herself and agree she needs to get off the diet pill but I know that will not happen without resistance.

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I'd get her into Assisted Living immediately & stop putting up with such behavior! THEN rat her out to her doctor so he knows what's going on.

Good luck!
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I'd rat her out to her doctors.
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I understand you'd rather she not take the medication at all but she shouldn't stop cold turkey.

This might be six of one, half dozen of the other but what if she took it in the morning instead of at noon?

A person who uses drugs (even if obtained legally by a doctor) will protect that drug and protect their habit. A person will go to great lengths to hang onto it. I don't think you have the power to get her to stop taking the drug. That power probably lies with the doctor who is prescribing it. Can you accompany your mom on her next trip to this doctor and express your concerns?
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Your mother is living in your home and lying to you for 10 years. Wow!!!

Do you really believe that your mother is going to change?
Do you really think she's going to stop watching TV all day??
Do you really think she's going to stop eating candy and sweets???
Do you really believe she's going to complying with her medication regimen????

Only you can change. You must decide whether or not you want to continue having your mother in your home. She could live another 10+ years. Are you going to enable her to "live the way she wants to live"? What about how you want to live?? You matter. You have choices.
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