Her monthly income is about $1,000.00 a month, she lives on the 2 lower floors of the brownstone we have had since i was 3yrs. old and has been in my name only for about 8 yrs. her income doesn't even cover what the monthly rent is on the open mkt, about $2,000.00, much less medication, co-pays, food, laundry, etc. I want to apply for at least food stamps and HEAP; but am afraid that because i file her my income ( because they don't consider mtg. pymnts) might be considered and thought to be too high.

Also, she has medicare and united healthcare, i am being told by people that i should get medicaid. are there anythings that she could not be eligible for by having medicaid?

please forgive me, but i have never used this site before so i don't know the protocol yet about asking questions. cna i ask about more than one thing at a time. there is so much information here, thai am totally overwhelmed. i am trying to teather out what i need but God knows it is difficult at best. are there counselors connected to this who can help you put together a plan? ADHD makes this a very rough sea to traverse. I am an only child and have the world's best Mommy and I just want to learn how to do the best that i can for her. HELP, PLEASE !!!! thank u ; )

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Based on your mother's income she qualifies for food stamps. This will have no impact on whether she qualifies for other services. If she needs home care services she needs to get on Medicaid. The monthly income cap for a single elderly resident in NYC is $792. If she really needs the type of assistance that home care provides then you can arrange to pay a monthly spend-down (difference between her income and the $792). The "elderly waiver" program in NYS is called Nursing Home Transition & Diversion Waiver". This program provides many additional services such as home modifications, counseling, assistive technology etc.
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Medicaid sounds like the right path to me.

I don't know how things work in New York, but here the way to start the process would be to call Social Services and to ask for a needs assessment. A case worker would come out and meet your mother and you, would ask a lot of questions, and then would give you advice about what is available for mother. For example, maybe food stamps or maybe delivered hot meals (Meals on Wheels) and probably Medicaid (the Elderly Waiver provision). Again, I don't know how it works in your county, but here the case worker would be very knowledgable about not only county programs but other services your mother might be qualified for.

You are doing a great service for the mother you love. You have every reason to be proud of your efforts. There are wonderful services out there, and caring, kind people who work in agencies. But even without ADHD it can be overwhelming to find your way through the maze. Hang in there. You are doing fine!
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