Mom has Alzheimers plus vascular dementia. Since she has been living with us the past few weeks, I can see that there is one more issue - disordered sleep. She is disorganized in getting ready for bed, so I'm directing her. But she is accustomed to having her 2 dogs sleep with her. She has inadvertently trained them to wake her up whenever they want something. This seems like it worsens her dementia. I could potentially take a painful 2 weeks to train the dogs to sleep in a porter, but won't she forget when she goes back to assisted living and let them sleep with her again? If I move her to memory care this summer, what do they do with pets? I think the ideal would be if the facility takes her dogs at 9pm each day, boards them elsewhere in the building, and then returns them the next morning ...but I can't imagine that this service exists. Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a solution for a good night's sleep?

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Geaton is correct. The AL is not responsible for you Moms pets. She has to be able to feed them and walk them. If the staff is doing it, I would be surprised.

If she is ready for MC, she is not able to care for them.
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ginaging, when my MIL was in AL the facility only allowed pets if the resident was able to properly care for them and keep them under control. It doesn't sound like this is your mom's ability now. And, no, the facility will not take up the slack on caring for people's dogs. No pets in MC. They can come for visits.
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