Dad lives in France on his own, has very few friends, so is quite isolated. His French is not good, so communication is difficult.

He often says the images he sees, remind him of myself and my sister when we were children. He says they can be disruptive, knocking things over in the house and climbing over everything. He is also seeing these images when he is out in his car which is worrying. He is also ringing friends and family during the night, thinking it is daytime.

He gets confused with the clock, we have said to look at his laptop or mobile phone for the real time, but he is convinced the images tamper with the time

We are in contact with a couple that he is friends with and they keep us up to date and are wonderful with my dad, they live nearby and try to help as much as possible.

We would like to bring dad to the UK to live, but have nowhere for him to stay whilst trying to get him help. He owns his property in France, but unfortunately ran the property down and it's unsellable.

Dad seems unaware of his mental state and thinks we are making things up, so this makes it difficult to make him see sense.

He has said several times that he wants to come back to the UK to live, I have tried to talk to him about his finances, to see if he can support himself for a while, but he is reluctant to tell me anything.

I would really appreciate some advice on how we could get dad the help he desperately needs, along with accommodation.


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Sorry - I meant to say, if these mental changes in your father have been quite abrupt then you need to do what you can to get him seen by a doctor, urgently. Are his local friends able to handle that with your support?
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Hello again!

It was some time ago, but my great aunt lived in Tunbridge Wells and as far as it went I found Adult Social Services very helpful and very sympathetic when I called them for advice.

On the other hand, looking for a low-cost temporary housing option in that region ... :(

Give them a call first and see what happens. You can't be any worse off, and it could be that they'll be able to point you in some promising directions. Go online, Google the local authority area for where you hope to rehome your father, and you should find the contact details fairly easily.

Any prospect of you (preferably with aunt in tow) going to France to suss things out over there?
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Thank God we have Brit among us with Country Mouse. We here in the US have such a different health system. Socialized medicine seems so much simpler.

Was Dad a "subject of the crown"? We had another post where the couple lived in the US for years but planned on going back to the UK for their last years.

My MIL lived here almost 70 yrs. She married an Ameruican as did her sister. Both had/have green cards and English Passports.
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Christmas Eve! - you do have a job on your hands.

How good is your French?

I'll private message you another couple of questions.
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