Whats steps do i need to do .. He said the doctors say he don't need to take them but they are important. I've trid pears .pudding and etc..these meds are his high blood pressure

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Just adding that the diet option really does work. I cut out things that I really wouldn't have missed anyway and lowered my BP w/o meds, and I'd do it that way again before I would take any meds.
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Research foods that help to lower blood pressure and add those to his diet.

google/?gws_rd=ssl#q=blood+pressure+lowering+foods, and


The Mayo Clinic has simplified, concise information that's easy to follow and is a good source for medical info.

Paragraphs 3, 4 and 7 are especially helpful.

WebMD usually also has good information. Check out the recommendations for a DASH diet. This link has some excellent recommendations for BP lowering foods:


There are also good links to other methods of naturally addressing high blood pressure.

This can be fun if you can make a game out of it - how can you change your grandfather's diet to help him become more healthy even if he doesn't realize you're doing it?

As to your question, does your grandfather see you put the meds in his food? Perhaps it you snuck them in he wouldn't know unless he inspected the food. And perhaps it's an objection to taking medicine - does he feel this way about any other meds?

You might also research the specific medication to see if it can be crushed and put in food; it wouldn't be quite so obvious then.
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Let's see if I understand the question --

You are taking care of your grandfather who has dementia and he won't take his blood pressure medication, even when you try putting them in food such as pudding. Is that right?

Do you know why he refuses to take them? For example, does he have trouble swallowing? Is he paranoid, thinking someone is trying to poison him? Does he claim he feels fine and he doesn't need the pills? Does he choke on them?

Knowing what the issue is MIGHT help you figure out things to try.

My husband took a large number of pills and toward the end of his life with dementia, it was difficult for him to swallow them. He was not opposed to taking them, it was just hard. We finally discovered that dissolving them in a small amount of grape soda pop worked best. The carbonation seemed to help with the dissolving, the strong flavor helped mask the taste, and keeping the amount small let him get it over with, and then have a plain glass of the grape drink to get the taste out of his mouth.

Talk to the pharmacist about the med he is taking -- can it be crushed, or dissolved? If not, is there another form of it that could be?

But is the issue is about not wanting to take the pill in the first place, then a different approach might be needed.

Tell us a little more, and maybe someone else will have a suggestion.
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