I'm caring for my brother that has advanced dementia. He's only sleeping in 2 hour increments. What can I do?


My brother is only 48 years old, and has this horrible disease. The doctors advised us that he can no longer live alone, so my husband and I went up to get him. We had no idea that he was as bad as he is. He lived 4 hours away. I am learning as much as I can, but have questions, and dont know who to ask.

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Medications, not letting him nap during the day are some things that can help.
Sleep depreviation makes things worse mentally.
If funds allow or if he qualifies for assistance, please look into also getting help at night. His lack of sleep will eventually affect your health (mental and physical).
I also want to say, I have ever known of one other case where a sibling has taken care of another sibling. God Bless you.
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To educate yourself, check out the alzheimer's website. alz.org While dementia springs from a variety of causes, the behavior is often the same. Keep in mind the move was yet another change for him. Try to establish a routine of some sort, it generally helps those suffering from this illness.
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I feel for you and him. 48? At that age, I had a career and a 4 year old.

What are your questions? This is a good place to start, because the posters are people at every stage of caregiving.

The sleeping such a short time makes him very hard to care for. Medication can help a lot with that. Do you have a doctor and/or neurologist lined up for him yet? How far has the dementia progressed? Can he toilet and dress himself? Can he answer the phone?
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