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"Advanced Directives" is, I believe, the name of the kind of document you are seeking. Every state has their own version that can usually be downloaded online.
Then there is a remarkable document called "The Five Wishes" that is said to be recognized in every state. It permits one to “ad lib” about how they want to be treated. Several items that I have written into the draft version of my document include items that you might like to consider for your own document:

1. My top care preferences, in order of preferred method are: home care, assisted living, hospital, nursing home.
2. I may well care to return to my home, even if I am dying.
3. I list that there are no limitations on my Patient Advocate’s (Health Care Agent’s) powers.
4. I added additional requests;
a. If available/schedulable, I would prefer a single-patient room if confined to or treated in a hospital (except on an emergency basis only).
b. Make available personal health information in my personal files if required to establish the need for coordination of current treatment with previous treatment.
5. Under “General Instructions” I have specified that I do not want to be in pain, but just “on the edge” (meaning I do not want to be “out of it”). I want medication only when “needed” (i.e. not continuous without reevaluation).
6. Under “Meaning of ‘Life-Support Treatment’” I have excluded the desire for treatment that offers no hope of benefit.
7. Under “conditions where I do not wish to be kept alive” I have written that:
a. Cost is not a factor.
b. If my bones are becoming dangerously brittle from osteoporosis or any other systemic bone degradation, please remember that I will be fragile. All care should be taken if am to be transported. Always provide me with support at the back of the neck and provide some elevation of my head.
8. Under “how comfortable I want to be” I have added the type of music that I would like to hear and the type of books that I might like to have read aloud to me when I am near death.
9. With regard to donation of body parts when I die I have written: My organs, at death, that have value, may be harvested before I am cremated, such as liver, eyes, bone marrow, kidneys (if no renal failure).
There are other important points to remember, but these thoughts may help you make your own choices.
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I got mine at the hospital.You may be able to get one at the health department. Good luck.
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