Adult male exhibiting strange potty behaviour is it sign of illness?


In the recent few months my father, he's 62, has been exhibiting odd behavior where he goes outside to go potty... We have 3 available bathrooms, easily accessible in the house. He continues to do this and says its because he "had to 1 or 2" or "my stomach hurt"...but our bathroom is literally the same distance as the outside. One morning he even walked out of the house to go potty outside despite every bathroom being free and closer to him. I dont know what to do anymore...we've repeatedly asked him and we still have no idea, it's really frustrating. Is this maybe a sign of something serious?

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I should also add he does number 1 and number 2 outside... not just urinating.
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Thank you so much for your responses.

He did grow up on a farm like area without indoor bathrooms but that was a long time ago. We now live in a city. This just began a few months ago. He did also just lose his brother 6 months ago which was hard for him.

He's just very nervous lately is what I noticed. He's not mixing anything up but does get agitated a lot more easily.
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Well, that's certainly unusual. Did your father grow up in a home without an inside bathroom? I'm just wondering if he's harkening back to something in his childhood or maybe his military service that is making him feel more comfortable outside? Does he go frequently? Older men often have enlarged prostates which means they have to urinate more frequently (particularly at night). But that doesn't really explain his desire to go outside. Do you live in a city/suburban setting, or out in the country?

I once dated a guy 30 years ago who did the same thing when he came to my house. I had three bathrooms and he went out in the backyard to urinate. Needless to say, that's one reason we're no longer together.

If he didn't have an outside bathroom in his childhood, I'd try to get him to the doctor. But don't expect him to go along with that idea. Do you see any other unusual behaviors? Forgetting things, mixing up names or words, having trouble completing tasks? Those can be some early signs of cognitive impairment.
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He should be checked for a UTI. And yes, this can be a sign of dementia progression.
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