My purpose, without an estate, is to carry enough life ins. to pay small burial expenses and money left over for my beneficiary. I'm hearing differing answers as to other expenses he'd be responsible for. This concerns me greatly that he might be forced to use ins. or his own money for dr. bills, etc. Can someone clear this up for me?

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Any outstanding bills you have when you die, will be taken out of your estate, whether that is life insurance or cash or whatever. You can keep your funeral out of that 2 different ways. #1-prepay cash for your funeral now, that is not considered an asset for Medicaid. #2- buy a term life insurance policy and have the funeral home named as beneficiary. My mother bought one directly from the nursing home. No one can touch that for any other purpose after you die. Some states will limit how large the policy can be, for example you can't have $100,000 in a policy because everyone knows it won't cost that much for your expenses. That would be considered hiding money. Say you had a policy that was worth$20,000 and it only cost $15,000 for your funeral, he would get the remaining amount, and he wouldn't have to pay bills from it because it is considered differently than if you left him cash. This may sound very sneaky, but you could plan a funeral and buy insurance to cover it through the funeral home and then have an agreement with your son for a different kind of funeral that cost less money, and he could keep the difference. I can tell you want to leave him something besides bills, and this would really be the safest way to do so.
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