How do I make the transition from being a full-time caregiver to using other sources to help - like a daycare center?

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Toni: first tour the facility that you would like to have Mom attend. Then just take her there for a lunch visit. No need to tell her that she will be 'attending'

Then see what kind of activities they do during the day, and what she can 'contribute.' See how she connects with the personnel there, Many facilities are experienced in handling elders with dementia or physical limitations, and be sure to ask how they determine the level of interaction they have with attendees.

Then after you are comfortable with the services they provide, see how Mom does if you leave her there for a few hours.

Transistioning from 100% caregiver to allowing someone else to 'help' can be difficult if you are not comfortable with the personnel. Don't be afraid to ask questions regarding any special care she needs, and be sure that she has an 'alert' bracelet on her.

God Bless!
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Not too clear on your question, toni. Do you mean you want to start a day care program and get away from caregiving?
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