Is it safe to add supplements to my grandfather’s food to help him gain weight?

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My grandfather (92) has been losing weight the past few months and picks at his food most of the time. But when the ice cream comes out he gobbles it up. So, is it safe or even helpful to add powdered supplements to his food? He is almost down to 115 lbs and so at this point if he eats ice cream all day we are fine with that, just wondering how to "sneek" some nutrition into this food.

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My personal opinion is that this is an excellent approach. You should, however, check with his doctor in case there is some nutrient that interacts with his medications. Many elders lose their appetites and we have to temp them with what we can. I found fresh fruit was helpful for my mother. Keeping it light and easy to eat is important. Also, keeping portions small if you serve several things, so they don't feel overwhelmed, can help.
Good luck. You seem to have wonderful instincts.

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