Looking for ideas. She moves around ok. Vision isn't great. Her mobile PCP saw her today and the NH said she has been *cranky* when she asks for something if she doesn't get it immediately she starts screaming. This is a new behavior out of the blue. They are testing for UTI. Her doctor said she thinks she needs a task. She wanders a lot. Dr. Suggested she could help fold clothes. My mom said NO!
I was there Monday and she was in a good mood and used my name as I walked in. I thought well today she knows me. The last several times she had no idea who I was. As we chatted for a few minutes she looked at me and asked me how my mother was? I said she's great and said to tell you hi! 🙄
She just graduated high school 2 weeks ago. She asked me if I knew George? I said of course he's my father (deceased in 2007) she snapped at me and said no he's not! He's my husband! Apparently he is also having an affair.
I'm sharing all this to give you an idea of her level of dementia.
I've seen those fidget blankets. I think she needs something a little above that level?
Thanks for all the support given on this forum. You have truly been a life saver. My ability to deal with her because of this forum has been a huge load off my shoulders.

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My mom’s NH gave some residents “office jobs” They stuffed envelopes, stapled papers, sorted paper, etc. I’m sure little of it was needed but it gave purpose to people who needed it. I hope mom’s doc will look at meds that may help her anxiety. Wishing you both peace
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I found this video and thought it had some good ideas. They talk about trying to connect a dementia stage-appropriate activity to something your LO did or enjoyed in the past. Although you mom may not like sorting towels, she might want to sort something else, like monopoly money, nuts & bolts, plastic utensils, etc. or matching things, like socks, or sorting papers by color. They can stack Duplo blocks, or put together TInker Toys if you give them a picture to try to copy (and there is no "wrong" way for them to complete this). You may have to try a few things before you find something they'll do.
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