Mom is 92 now and very bored. She sits all day and looks into space. She used to love to walk and until two years ago walked at least three miles a day. Two months ago she lost most of her vision. She is living with me and my husband now, but is so bored. She can't see the caption on TV, or the TV action, she can't read anything now and can't s to do anything with her hands. She walks very slow and does not have good balance so she won't take walks outside. I don't know how to keep her active. She is becoming depressed and not eating, sits all day and stares into space. I am thankful she has a sweet disposation.

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Hi Marybeth, poor Mom, that must be so hard. It sounds like she was so active! Is she tolerant to touch? I am like a cat and love to be pet. Seriously, I need to be touched. When my husband and I sit and watch TV he is usually rubbing my back or stroking my arm. ( when we are alone) That sounds weird but I have an anxiety disorder and his touch really calms me. I often think tht our elders would benefit from more touching. The studies about babies needing to be touched are all over the place and they say we regress so.... I try and brush my Mom's hair and rub lotion on her hands when I watch her and she just instantly relaxes. ( she has anxiety too, though) I know this is not an activity , per se, but without sight and hearing touch, I would think, is even that more important. And maybe help with her depression. Maybe schedule some light massage for her. They can come to the house and do it, even if at first she is reluctant I would give her a nudge for a few tries.
Also, if you have nice weather you could make her a nice sitting area with pillows and blankets outside where she can smell the flowers and feel the breeze. I would make it really comfy with lots of soft pillows to rest on.

There are also many toys, sorta like toys sorta like therapy balls that one can hold 'play' with. They are made of soft rubber and full of squishy stuff and it is soothing to squeeze. When my daughter has to go to a doctors appointment the hospital has helpers that come and help ( she has special needs) and they have lots of these therapy balls for her to hold to relax with. She usually throws them and I grab them and kneed them as I am usually a nervous wreck at her appointments! They have different kinds, some soft and squishy, some with soft , really soft, spikes and squishy, and some soft but filled with squishy little balls. It would keep her hands flexible-they are really easy to manipulate. You could google -squishy therapy balls and see of you can find them.
Also-if you don't have a dog I would get one. A nice old dog that just loves to be pet. I don't know what my Mom would do without her dog.
Just some thoughts. Good luck!
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