I believe mom very advanced with dementia, doesn't care for anything but walking with no purpose and standing and holding my hand. She can only say 3-4 words that make no sense.
My mom doesn't know my name or who I am, but knows my sister and I are someone who love and protect her. She is very frail weighing now about 72 lbs, but petite and always small, seems there's been a big advance in only 6 months, not knowing anyone in pictures or caring about children or animals as she always has.
She is not aggressive, but seems worried and wants us next to her always.

Wondering what to do to pass the time as I know she must be very bored. We do balloon toss and sing, forgetting words, so sad. I hate to say, but my sister and I are also very tired, but do the best we can and am thankful there are the 2 of us to take a shift so to speak. I did this for a living but not 24/7. She seems to prefer me to my sister, I am slower and take things quieter.
My Moms diagnosis is protein calorie malnutrion if anyone knows anything on this. We pretty much live on Ensure plus and water or gatorade for fluids.

Sorry to ramble, thanks for any advice.

My daughter made fidget muffs. Here's the site for crocheted ones. Probably could knit or sew. You can make them personal. She was able to sell 4 to Moms NH.
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It's a great time of the year for outdoor activities. Many churches in my area have free concerts - some outdoors - some inside. You get to sit and relax and music is very calming for dementia patients. Can you take her to a ball field to watch a kids practice or game? Ditto on a visit to a playground to watch the children play. All of these allow you and your sister to sit and relax. I used to take my Mom to an old fashioned ice cream parlor. This would help with calorie intake for Mom. Also, as we age, smaller portions work best. While you are sitting, can you put a very small dish near her with a few small pieces of fruit? just 3-4 grapes or small strawberries - for example. At 72 pounds anything more would be overwhelming and easy to ignore. Good luck. AND if adult day care is available for you, I'd urge you to try it. Even if you have to go with her the first time to help her integrate.
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Is there a way to connect to volunteers to visit your mom, or maybe an adult day care to take a bit of the pressure off you and your sister?

Looking at home and garden magazines, looking through picture books/coffee table-type books, a relaxing hand massage, are other ideas that are occurring to me to pass the time....

Your poor mom's care does sound tiring and she is very lucky to have you both.
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Read to her
Does she like being outdoors? It would be good for you and sister also to get outdoors.
does she like music?
They have fidget books? just type in google Fidget books.
I hope someone can give you more knowledge.
Best wishes.
Thank you and sister for being such loving and caring daughters, May God bless you.
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