My sister, who is a retired police officer(detective) of 25 years, fell in her home in 2009 and broke her kneck. She has regained some mobility in arms and legs. She is cognitive and recieves physical therapy at home and at Comp. Rehab. I am her primary caregiver and I am looking to involve her in activities in the community. It will also allow me some time for myself. Our funds are limited( medical bills, utilities, morgage, etc) We travel by trans aid for appointments.

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You can go to which is the Aging and Disability Services Administration website, and type in required information for your community. I also tried typing my community’s name, along with “disability services” in the search box on my computer’s program, and got many local links. You could try that, or go to your state website and type in “disability services.” You should get help there.
You also may want to check on the state website for the National Family Caregiver Support Program. That isn't only for eldercare. They can be very helpful, and every state as some version of the program.
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Dear GodsJoy,
What a pretty and idealistic username! It says so much about you. Contact your local senior centers. There may be more than one if your community is large enough. Find a local tabloid paper that caters to seniors and boomers for more resources. Your sister is lucky to have you. Good Luck. God Bless You.
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