Aging Care...Can you please have a post on each question a list of Acronyms. People asked or answer questions using acronyms and many times I have no idea who they are referring to or about. It would be nice if there was list that I could scroll at each beginning question to see what or who is being reference to or what the person is talking about at times. I only assume that I am not the only person who has this issue. I get the simple ones like MIL or FIL, but there are many others I have no idea what they are.

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There's another option and that's a "sticky" thread, which other forums use frequently if not regularly.

With that, posters can contribute their own knowledge of acronymns.    The thread stays at the top of the category, identified by a flag or something else, and never moves down as new threads are posted.

You can also ask specifically and people will respond.   You're not the only one who faces this; sometimes I have to research to figure out someone's response.  

Are there any offhand for which you'd like clarification?

(If the use of so many acronyms continues into the future (which I assume it will), at some point language will look like gibberish (some already does) and we'll all need dictionaries to decipher the basic language we speak.
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Ditto - thanks for asking Sandy.
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