I work for an assisted living home and also as a private companion for this 90 year old woman.recently, my client/ friend Neighbor has had to move from assistant living to long term care and has to give up her 2006 Buick... Because she has little contact with her distant relatives. out of state I've been helping her. She recently offered to give me her car. I offered to give her money but she is refusing. What is the conflict of interest laws concerning this. I would like to know, because I could use a newer car. I would be happy to give her some money towards it.

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I agree with cwillie. Thank her for her kind gesture but politely decline. There can be hidden trip wires when it comes to accepting a gift from a client. A couple of examples would be 1.) her "distant relatives out of state" could become not so distant as she continues to age and decline or 2.) your client may begin to experience dementia and wonder where her car is. These 2 scenarios are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more possibilities that could cause you problems down the road if you accepted the car.

Accepting a gift of this magnitude would be grounds for termination if you worked for an agency. Rules against accepting gifts from clients are there for a reason.
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I'll chime in since nobody else will. Accepted ethics clearly say No.
If you worked for an agency you could be disciplined or even fired for accepting much smaller tokens of appreciation, the same principle applies to someone in your position. Not to mention it could cause the woman problems if she needs to apply for medicaid in the future.
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