My uncle is currently living with my grandmother(his mother), and is the only other person living with her. He is there to take care of her, but as we have come to find out, he is only stealing her money and messing with her mind. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years back, and she has only decreased from then. Not only does she not remember what she said three seconds ago, but she also has spoken to her deceased parents. Therefore, she is clearly not in the right mind to give anyone money or authority to take anything that is hers. She will only forget it, and she is easily persuaded as she can barely remember. My uncle has held on to her credit cards, claiming that she cannot use them because she doesn't need them. She only sits in her kitchen and sleeps, as he does not do anything to help her or take care of her. Her mental state is at an all time low. We have currently found bank statements proving that he has taken money from her. His hand writing is all over her check book, which implies she is not Knowingly giving him money. After finding out that he pawned her beautiful diamond rings to pay to get a hooker out of jail, her sister took her to her home. He is now claiming that we are holding her against her will, which is untrue. He is upset that we need him to move so she can sell her home. He won't move. He won't do anything. She is over 10,000$ in debt from him, cannot pay her house payment because he refuses to pay bills or rent, and she is close to losing her home all together. He calls and tells her that she's in a bad place and that he is coming to get her, which only makes things worse. Just when she begins to get settled in and happy, he calls to make sure he can still live there and steal her money. I want him convicted and arrested. What options do I have??

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You likely won't ever get him convicted of any crime... although if grandmother's doctors know and will say on record that she has diminished capacity and everyone (including uncle) would have known that, then he possibly could be held liable for making personal use of grandmother's finances while she was incapacitated.

I suggest you focus on getting grandmother into proper setting and care for right now. Where would that be for grandmother's current needs? Is her sister capable of caring for her long term? It sounds like you need to be able to sell grandmother's home to pay for adequate care. Who is POA? If no POA, time for someone to step up and seek guardianship through your local court system. It's a process but it's doable and there are often free legal services available for elders and their legal needs. Once a guardian/POA says "time to sell house to provide for grandmother's needs," then uncle's free ride is over, period.

Who has POA? :)
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Your headline states that your uncle is living with your grandmother.

Your post states that you have removed your grandmother from her home and she is now living with your great aunt.

With a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease 'a few years back' you would expect there to be a considerable deterioration in your grandmother's mental state.

Which makes me wonder... where did the story about uncle pawning the diamond rings to get a hooker out of jail come from?
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