I hope it's okay to post here. I'm a film student and I'm writing a script about a daughter caretaking a difficult mother who has breast cancer. I see there are a lot of informative posts about abusive parents, but I am looking more for specific things parents would say that are hurtful to their kids, especially within the situation of caregiving an illness. My parents and I have a strained relationship but haven't gone through this experience.

I've read that some parents complain all the time and are critical - do any of you have specific examples of what these could be?

I'd really appreciate any info :) Thank you.

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Have you ever watched Mommie Dearest? With Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford. If not you might want to. My nickname for my mother is Joan Crawford.

A somewhat hilarious example is Carol Burnett as Eunice and Vicky Lawrence as Momma.

Aunt Mae is dead This is exactly how my mom and her mother used to interact.

Momma in a wheel chair

"My this glass is sticky" gets me every time. Cause Vicki nails it.
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See if You can find a facility to volunteer in to see some of these things first hand. Or just keep cruising this site where the large majority are going to be dementia related as opposed to cancer.

And much of the abuse that posters here see is from siblings the large majority of the time.I

Lately, there seems to be a trend of grandchildren, in their 20's caring for their grandparents and somehow they are manipulated into doing this by several generations.
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