My sister (Vicki) was POA for our 91 year old mother and back in June 2018 had her diagnosed with Alzheimer’s put her in a nursing home and cleaned and packed up her condo put it up for sale and took out over $90,000.00. She MOVED HER PERSONAL THINGS plus CAR to Pennsylvania from Ohio meanwhile withdrew over $90,000.00 out of our Mother’s bank accounts including CD’s.

Meanwhile my mother does not have Alzheimer’s very sound minded and now I’m her POA I need my mother’s story out there cause this was wrong in every way

Since I’m now her Power of Attorney now she lives with me and my fiancé in Southwest Florida. She now lives with me in Florida but I need help financially cause I quit my job to care for my dear mother.

Abusing my mother please help ELDER ABUSE I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY MOM


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Sue your sister. She abused her POA. That 90k she took is Moms and will effect her getting Medicaid if she ever needs it.
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