Recommendations on absorbent, overnight diapers for Pop?

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My 90 year old father has urinary incontinence at night. Leakage isn't bad,,,the problem is that he feels the wetness next to his skin & it wakes him up - which means he's not ever getting a decent night's sleep. We've tried every store brand we can find and I've done internet searches & ordered a variety of brands - nothing has worked well yet. He prefers pull ups to tabs,,,but will wear tabs if it will get the job done.

So....can anybody recommend a nighttime diaper that: 1) absorbs well and 2) feels dry next to the skin so my Pop can get a decent night's sleep?

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I really don't have any experience to offer but just wanted to say that it's good to see you back again. You have been missed.
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For my 90 year old mom we use the pull ups but at night add a heavy duty, extra long liner pad (it's unisex) that can be purchased in bulk at both Sam's Club and Costco.
Not specific to your question, and I suspect you've already thought of this, but could he eat earlier, decrease his fluid consumption as bedtime approaches, with the goal of minimizing urine production overnight?
I read your post this morning but had nothing to suggest. Then the mail came this afternoon. My moms mail comes to my home now - there was one of those catalogs taylored to an older population with all kinds of things -both ingenious and bizarre - aimed to help. And there it was - a product designed for Pop's problem. The product is called Wellness Brief. Disposable and both pull-up and tab style. A little spendy but if you only use it at night...The catalog is called Gold Violin. You might try googleing the product name to see if different places offer different prices.
We use Tranquility premium overnight pull up briefs.. Order on Amazon.. They hold a lot of liquid..
Garden Artist....He's all over limiting the fluid consumption and is especially careful from 5 pm onward - to the point that I get on him because I worry about dehydration. But I will say that he's sensible about limiting his liquids and always have several bottles of Gatorade in the fridge for his "between meals" thirst quencher (also juice & water).

The problem is his prostate. The pills he takes nightly do help quite a bit, but we're not going to be able to reduce that back to a place where incontinence is going to go away.
assandache - funny you should mention tranquilty - I just ordered a small box from Northshore - I'll let you know if they work for us. I usually order Molicare (they have come the closest so far).
Im glad you went to Northshore Thats where I get my overnite diapers.
i just met a gal " masonry customer " who is a little outside the box like myself . her 75 yr old husband died about 1/2 a year ago . she left him naked in bed for the most part and had much less redundancy and indeed it kept him high and dry .
he wasnt going anywhere , there was nothing to dress up for .
Khalter - thank you! I'm gonna buy a box of those & we will see what Papa thinks....hoping we can get him as comfortable as possible soon.

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