There is a poster describing some frightening post regarding diabetic crisis, and the last posts were more than 24 hours ago (Mikiel). There were some later posts that are indicative of confusion and a crisis in need of medical care.

Anyone know if there is any way to report a post that concerns us to this extent, possibly in need of a wellness check? I have asked twice for an update from the poster but there are none. Can't know if this person simply left the forum or is actually on the floor in need of help.

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There's only so much you can do. If someone is posting, we can only assume they are checking the answers they get. If they do, great. If they don't, there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's not a good use of resources, in my opinion, to send the authorities on a wild goose chase.
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I know! I saw his post and asked him to please call 911 right away.......he'd left a comment to an earlier post that led me to believe he needed emergency help. I hope he gets help or the admins here can get things sorted out.
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Alva, I noticed the comment on excessive alcohol consumption as well.  

I think you've done all you can.
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AlvaDeer, (and others),

Your true heart is showing!
Shows you would go to heroic measures for someone you thought needed help.
That is a good thing, shows you care.

I do not think it is at all like "enabling" or anything else uninvolved people use to label people who care, just so that they themselves can not take any actions.

You are truly a Good Samaritan!

I will wait for the AgingCare admins to come and explain their policies regarding postings of the desperate emergency or suicidal posts. Maybe they will e-mail you.

And, I do understand their position fully.

I no longer stay up all night, waiting to hear back from a suicidal poster, after referring them to 911 or a suicide hotline. Plus informing them that we here on the forum have no way to contact them in an emergency.

Wait for the real answer. And thank you for being a real caring person!
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1.   If you want to report the post, the best way is to contact the Admins by phone as well as send an urgent message, as we did when an alleged poster stated she wanted to adopt her child, via the Internet.

Contact info:

(239) 594-3222
Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm EST
9015 Strada Stell Court, Suite 203
Naples, FL 34109(239) 594-3222

They can contact Mikiel's ISP and see if location data can be traced; there should be that data at the company from which he/she has Internet access.  

You can also post using the e-mail function on that page.

2.  Mikiel's profile shows she/he lives in Barstow, CA.  But unfortunately you don't know her/his real or last name.   I suppose you could contact the local PD and ask them if there's a person with that name, or if there's a way they could check not only that name, but even anyone who might have called for EMS in the last few days.   But with so little information, there's not much to go on.

I've only found a few posts by her/him with information that might help authorities locate him/her:


Comments on 3 surgeries (presumably done at local hospital)s, possible depression, possible alcoholic episode.   Might be other clues to identity as well.


I haven't seen anything since, but if you have, there might be other clues to her/his ID there.

If police have a Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds show) to locate hospitals, etc., they could backtrace from there. But my guess is that Penelope's magic fingers don't exist in reality, and the police wouldn't really have any clues to begin searching for someone who's real name is unknown.

3.   What other posts have you seen, such as in the last 24 hours? Were there clues there?  When I did a search, I got no hits at all. 
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AlvaDeer Oct 2019
Thanks, Garden Artist. With more info I am thinking I got the poorly spelled one a bit confused as to whether diabetes or an extra glass of red wine. I know I wouldn't want anyone showing at my door for the latter, hee hee. And if it WERE to have been a diabetic crisis it would be over now the one way or the other. I appreciate and will keep the crucial reporting info.
a similar " crisis " post from middle of last night has disappeared also . maybe they came from troll or scammer url's and administration eliminated them .
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