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Depends on the state. Some states have tough laws regarding elder abuse, exploitation etc.

This person should be turned into the local police and APS.

Who does this kind of garbage? Best case scenario- they go to prison where they deserve to be. Worst case scenario- they walk now and burn in hades later.

If you know this is going on and do nothing you are complicit and therefore just as guilty as the perpetrator of the crime.

Hate to sound harsh but elder abuse fries my butt and sickens me to my core.
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Does the person have Dementia? If so she cannot sign any legal papers. This had to be done thru the County, They have deeds on file. Call and ask what paperwork was submitted for the change. They may have lawyers name.
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I'm going through this with my mom as we speak, trying to straighten out a financial mess that my sister got mom in, including the deed to her house as well. I would talk to an elder law attorney about this to see what recourse there is. It can definitely be a long, frustrating process, depending on the situation and the circumstances under which it happened.

I would also report the financial exploitation to APS. They may do an investigation as well.
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