Instead of telling me she just put them in the denture container and left. The company is dilly-daddling about responsibility and will not allowing me to talk to the worker. My contentions are, the company is liable for their employer. My Mom cannot eat. This is causing undo stress for the both of us. I’m sure the company has insurance. Any suggestions?

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Send a letter, certified mail and give the company a set time to respond before you seek legal action.

They should have insurance, if not they need to be turned in to the health services for your area.

Good luck getting this dealt with in a timely manner.

Loads of soft food for mom for a bit.
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It was certainly unprofessional of her to hide the evidence and run but stuff happens, I wouldn't hold her personally responsible or try to contact her directly. I think you need to document the evidence - take some pics and then get an estimate for repairs (my mom had her upper plate "welded" back together and has had to replace several chipped teeth, so repairs may be possible) - and then play hardball with the agency, they should carry insurance for things like this.
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OhMyMe2 Sep 29, 2018
I agree, accidents happen. She is such a good worker I am surprised at the unprofessionalism. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll do it.
I faced this when someone hit my car from behind last Spring. For two weeks, woman who hit me was not responding to her insurance company’s emails or calls. When I contacted a friend who is an attorney, he told me to write the woman a letter saying that if she did not contact her insurance company so that I could get my car fixed, we would be bringing legal action against her. We sent the letter via registered mail so she could not claim she didn’t get it. We gave her 3 days to contact her insurance company. She finally did. Maybe this would work for you?
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