Any suggestions for a party game for an adult family of seven, where one, female, aged 82, is profoundly deaf?

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She is mentally astute and is an avid reader.

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Charardes and Apples to Apples are my favorites on this list. Can others in the group finger spell?
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Similar to charades, also try "Give Us A Clue."

The answer must be a book, a film or a play - decide beforehand what gesture represents what art form.
The number of words in the title is indicated in mime.

Actually to save time I'll look up the rules...

The game was based on charades, a party game where players used mime rather than speaking to demonstrate the name of a book, play, film or TV programme. Each player was given roughly two minutes to act out their given subject in front of his/her team, and if the others were unsuccessful in guessing correctly, the opposing team would have a chance to answer for a bonus point.

Are there too many family members to play board games such as Monopoly, checkers, Chinese checkers, cribbidge, dominoes?
Spoons is a hoot for all ages if you're into something silly and uncomplicated (just google spoons game, I'm sure you'll find it)

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