I am a licensed therapist and am concerned that she isn't getting any rehabilitation. I have a lot of medical massage training. But I am concerned about the time factor (that it happened a while back) and whether or not the nursing home would allow me to help her (with my friend's permission).

Thank you.

Like said talk to the family member in charge of her care. Let them ask the woman's therapist what he/she thinks. I would not personally talk to the staff. I think that may be overstepping boundries.
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This is a situation that you need to leave to the professionals. If you arent getting the answers you want, ask the nurses. They often know more than the doctors. That’s what I did with my husband. I got very little information from the doctor: but the nurses always knew what was going on. And they knew what options I had too. They’re the ones who really knew what was going on.
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JoAnn29 Oct 26, 2018
She is a professional, a licensed therapist.
What a sad situation! Since your friend isn't able to easily talk, does your friend have a spouse or family member you could check in with, see what they think? You would definitely want to have permission from whomever is overseeing your friend's care before performing any sort of formal treatment, of course.

I'm not a medical professional and I don't know if medical massage can help this situation at all, but if your friend would like it, maybe even a short, low-key hand or scalp massage might be very soothing and relaxing? I know I would appreciate it, in her situation.
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