Is theft as prevalent in Assisted Living facilities as in private homes and nursing homes?

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We are tired of our parents being the victims of theft in their home by alleged reputable Senior care agencies, Lord help us even hospice. There is a debate in the family as to whether this is as prevalent in Assisted Living facilities?

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I'm so sorry that this has been your experience, FS. It has not been mine, not with senior care agencies (Visiting Angels), not in Independent Living and not in a Nursing Home.

Are you reporting these thefts to the agencies involved? Are certain that items aren't being "hidden" by elders?

This should NOT be considered the norm.
I agree that it should not be accepted as something expected. In all the years mom had helpers come into her home and since she has been in nursing homes we have never had anything stolen.
I agree with Barb. My mom never had anything stolen from her apartment or her nursing home. But she was constantly accusing people. At one point she even called the police to report her wallet stolen when she actually hid it. I never brought her any heirlooms when she went to the nursing home because she would throw them away or leave them in other resident’s rooms. How about setting up a camera?
FSOPNI, sorry you hear what you are going through.

My Dad had caregivers in his home, and later when he moved to senior living, for over a year, and nothing was ever taken. Same with my Mom when she was living in long-term-care.

I see from your profile that you are caring for someone who has Alzheimer's/ Dementia, would this be your parents? It is not unusual for those with such memory issues to give away things to others, and not remember doing so.

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