I'm looking for good information to recommend to a Newby.

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A friend has asked me for some of the websites I've used, but other than AgingCare I've mostly deleted them from my bookmarks long ago after I absorbed the information. Where are some good places to go when you are dealing with "general age related decline?"

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In Canada? I'm sure you know better than I do, but how about some of the government-sponsored advice sites for things like powers of attorney, care planning and regulations, caregivers' benefits, respite provision. And just one reliable first-resort source for medical worries/panics - I use the NHS's, is there an equivalent for Canada?
Thanks CM.
More details: friend's parent has recently been told she has MCI and lost her driver's licence temporarily, also they have agreed to move to a seniors apartment in the near future. I'd thought of including some sites on long term care but am looking for general info that may be helpful too.

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