I tend to overreact when my grandfather gets sick, even when it is a cold. I don't know why, but I get hyperactive whenever he does. I would go to the pharmacy, sometimes in my pajamas, to get cough syrup, painkillers, et cetera. My grandfather told me to stop getting too worried whenever he gets fevers or colds, but I can't help it.

After having just about lost my husband to severe pneumonia (intubated in a coma in Intensive Care), I can understand what's going on. However, it's HUBBY, not me, that starts panicking when he gets a cough or illness. Then I "catch" the panic but I have to show I'm not worried (I'm a nurse, so I can figure out if he really needs to see a doctor).

There is nothing you can do for just about any medical condition (except see a doctor) so I would suggest you read some "How not to Panic" books or see a therapist, if one is available to you.

If your g'pa is otherwise healthy, a cold or headache is not going to do him in. You are really ADDING to his stress when you do this. That will hinder his recuperation. Good luck.
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I understand how you feel. My husband had a near fatal heart infection in 2013. Before that, he had a stroke and Congestive Heart Failure and a host of other health problems. For s long while, if he developed some innocuous symptom, I would totally freak out. Even today, my stomach cramps if I don’t hear him cough in the morning or his hospital bed going up. He blows everything off and getting him to the doctor is almost impossible.

You need to make peace with yourself over this. As long as Grandpa takes care of himself and lives a good life, he’s fine. Encourage him to eat healthy and exercise within his limits. Enjoy your time with him and don’t sweat the small stuff.
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Have you ever wondered why you overreact when your grandfather gets sick? Are you afraid he's going to die? Is there something in your past that you can connect to your overreaction to your grandfather's health?

My mom used to overreact when I would get sick. I was sick as a child and my parents went through hell. Then as an adult if I came down with a cold or flu or anything really my mom would be all over me. I understood it but it drove me crazy.

It sounds like your grandfather getting sick is some kind of trigger to you. Give it some thought and see if you can't come up with a reason why you overreact to your grandfather's health.
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