Does anyone have trouble with a parent refusing to take meds? Sometimes it can take the longest time and I am so drained by then.

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At the NH they put the pill into applesause. Some pills can be crushed others not. If parent is in their 80s, you may want to view the meds. Cholesterol meds are no longer important. Actually they can damage the liver and some people have seen cognitive ability is better without them. Vitamins maybe can be stopped, etc.
Why are they refusing? Paranoia -- fear that the pills are poison? Difficulty swallowing -- fear of choking? Just because they can and it gives them a sense of power? If you can figure out what the refusal is about, that may present some clues as to how to deal with it.

For my husband, I put all his dissolveable pills in a little grape pop (soda) and followed that small amount immediately with something he liked to drink. (His issue was swallowing.) This not only got the pills down, it also demonstrated that I was on his side, and was trying to reduce the unpleasantness.

And JoAnn is right -- this is a good time to review their medications and see if some can be discontinued.

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