Does anyone have experience/knowledge of an elderly parent with advanced congestive heart failure having episodes of diarrhea?

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Is it from fluid overload in the bowels making poo runny? As far as we're aware he doesn't have a tummy bug or vomiting etc & is eating well. Thanks.

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Julie, as we get older sometimes we will develop an intolerance to certain food products.

Milk is a big one, and that can upset a stomach quickly. My Dad had that issue, thus once dairy was eliminated from his diet, he did so much better. Thank goodness for Lactaid products as Dad still wanted milk for his cereal and wanted ice cream for desert, and Lactaid worked for him. Their milk taste just like the real thing, and their chocolate ice cream is better than popular ice cream brands.

Become a detective - keep a food journal of everything Dad eats to see if there is a pattern. Then experiment with removing all dairy products. If there is no change, then try removing all wheat products.

Thank you so much, very helpful, . He loves his milk so I'll suggest to cut it out & see what happens. x
Coffee will do this too.
I put my dad on a probiotic, helped a tremendous amount.
If your dad has lots of fluid is he not on Lasiks or something similar? I would talk to his Cardiac Dr. to get some if not on already. Best of luck.
Does he eat sugar free candy? This will cause this problem too.

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