Do you offer transportation assistance to and from medical appointments?

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Patient lives in Osterville on Cape Cod and is mobile. Her primary care physician (Dr. Ronald Dixon) is affiliated with and treats her at MA General Hospital in Boston. I am looking for information for Transportation to and from a medical appointment at MA General in Boston on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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You are posting to a support group, not a
Company providing services. So no, sorry.
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Kathy, this website is "information only", where caregivers ask questions and other caregivers and professionals give advice.

Your best bet is to contact your friend's local Agency on Aging and see if they have any recommendations. November 7th is just around the corner.
Kathy, you can also search on this website for other sources. There are 3 lines in the toolbar, click on them, and use the search function.

E.g., here's a hit for a search on "transportation for medical appointments":

If you don't find what you want, try searching on other "transportation" terms.
Kathy, it’s been my experience with transport that you have a few options. We use our county transport van/bus. It costs both of us $8 each way. There are discounts available but the fee structure is so confusing I just said to heck with figuring it out. The vans have wheelchair lifts, but cannot take people on stretchers or who might need medical help on the way. You can usually find out if your county has a transport service by calling county offices or your city hall. Our’s does not transport out of the county, though.

Your second option is private ambulance. These are expensive, but in some cases insurance covers it. One is just a transport service. The other type usually provides medical monitoring on the way.

Good luck. I know how difficult it can be to find transport.
This is no solution at all! I have cataract surgery coming in the 2018. My first surgery I have my son to take me to and from surgery. My second I do not! I need transportation to and from to my home! Is there no service for this!!!
Gwen, check with your doctor/surgeon to see if they offer some type of transportation.  Usually we all need to arrange our own transportation.

KathyH1718, I checked the map and Cape Cod is a bit of a hike up to Boston. Is there any chance that the patient's primary doctor could recommend someone closer to home?

This is a common problem when retirees like to move away or remain in an area a long distance from the metro areas, their medical care situations are very limited.... and they need to find transportation to the metro areas, which is far and few between due to the long distance.
Well that is a bummer! So living in the suburbs is a detriment to my well being. Very unfair. Have to live in the city to get transportation. Apparently you have to be on disability to get anywhere. All I am asking for is a ride to out patient surgery and back home. Sounds like a taxi is cheaper. Crazy. So much for being a senior. You have to be down and out!

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