One person diaper change procedure. Any tips?

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My dad is paralyzed on left side and bed ridden. My mom is going back to work. I can't seem to find a video showing me how to change his diaper and bed pad. Please help.

Answers 1 to 10 of 26 This might help. And this, for the bedpad.
What isn't made clear is that you need to roll the patient before you begin so that you have the dirty bedding rolled up to their back, and then again, so you can put the clean bedding against their back on the other side. Your father may be able to help by pulling and pushing with his right arm. I have done this alone for my daughter when she was a hefty teen, and, with my mother, for my father. Any nurses here could give you a better description.
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Meallen; I'm a nurse and I had a heck of a time explaining this.
Haha. 🤔
A video of "how to" from YouTube.

Don't get the pull on type diaper for a bedridden patient. Get the ones with tape tabs. WalMart is probably the cheapest.
*Always have a bed protector pad (either disposable or cloth) under patient in case of accidents! I've had patients pee and poop while the dirty diaper was off but the clean one hadn't been applied yet. 😱
*Put on gloves and get cleaning wipes and bag.
*Undo tapes on both sides of old diaper. (Taking tapes off will often tear the plastic part of the diaper. It's ok, you're going to throw it away anyway.)
There is a line indicator on the outside of the diaper that turns blue if the diaper is wet.
*Pull down and clean patient. Remove diaper, roll up with wipes and put in plastic bag. 
*Roll person onto their side (if you're right handed, roll them onto left side.)
*Position clean diaper from front at abdomen, lift right leg up slightly, pull diaper through then push wing with tab down toward bed at left hip. 
*bring diaper around and to the back.
(If cleaning a woman, ALWAYS wipe down from the pubic area. Don't bring stool up near the vaginal (lips) area. It can cause a bladder infection.)
*Apply right tapes from "wing" to the front of the diaper, roll person to back and a bit to the right to catch the other side of the left "wing" area with tab. Apply tapes to left side.
*Remove gloves, wash hands.

I'm sure the movie explains it better than I did.
Don't be surprised if the first few come out "lopsided" or crooked.
You have just completed Nursing 101!
It takes a bit of practice.
I guess my main issue is the rolling part. Do I place pillows or something underneath to hold him in spot??
You are NOT stupid, honey. Just on a learning curve. It will improve with time is the cheapest way to buy briefs with tabs (FitRight is the best in my opinion) that I've come across.
Buy in bulk, extra discount, free shipping.

Roll him on his side, and sure, if he doesn't stay there use a pillow.
There are bed wedges which can help hold him:

On the side which is not paralyzed, he might be able to help hold position by grabbing a bed rail/bar once he is on his side. You can get various bars for normal beds, like this:

Finally, place a pillow between his knees when you turn him, which is more comfortable.
Tab briefs, NOT the pull ons. I would roll my Mom to the left, roll the used pads up toward and against her, put the fresh one down and roll that toward her, then roll her to the right onto the clean ones and pull the dirty ones out, then smoothing the new ones in place. The videos should help. The key is to roll the patient. This works with slide sheets as well if you need to move the patient up in bed if they slide downward. My Mom was able to grab the side bedrails, but you can bolster the patient with a pillow if necessary to keep them on their side.
Slide sheets are *magic*! You wouldn't believe how much easier they make it to move a person without risking shearing injuries to him or strain on yourself.

For me, the best way to learn is to watch. Can you ask or hire a visiting nurse to show you what to do?

And has anyone mentioned hoists to you? It is possible to change a bed without getting the person out of it but boy! it is hard going, especially for one person.
Practice makes perfect. Take your time and think it out. You will be surprised at how good you will get at changing diapers. We sometimes just do not have a choice. Action speaks louder than words. Stay positive. Stay focused. It gets easier.
Changing the diaper by one person is a work of art (not a science.) In other words you need to figure out, what works for you and the patient. I would have multiple ( washable) bed pads under the patient. The bottom pad should be the biggest/longest one; so you pull the patient up/down or sideways by pulling the top/bottom or one side of the pad. If the patient can still stand and use one arm, look into getting an invacare get up lift. I hope you have a fully functional hospital bed.
SueC1957 has a great description. Since I have seen this procedure done to my wife many times I can see it as I read it. She had right side paralysis. SueC great answer.

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