How do I care for my 93-year–old mother who has hearing loss?

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She has the tv to the highest volume and shows no concern for my well being at all. My head literally just pounds. Please someone tell me how I can help this situation where no one gets hurt. It seems she just doesn't care but I have to believe somewhere in her head it just isn't connecting. She tells me that I am making it up about it the loud noise bothering me. We cannot attach tv ears to our tv. It's too old. What can I say to her that she can understand that the high volumn does effect other people? thank you

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Have you tried wearing ear phones yourself to cut out the noise? Maybe even have some music playing in your ears - something you want to hear. I have been dealing with a hearing loss for several years - at normal volume where the family wants it I can understand about every other word.
And anyone talking rapidly - there's lots of that on TV but people talking directly to me do too - loses me completely. She needs the TV on for lots of reasons, not just to watch a show. Sometimes it's just company. Good luck.
Tv ears was what I would suggest. I saw an add the other day about a product similar to tv ears that worked wirelessly. I wish I could give peace of mind. I remember very well the pounding and headaches... Does she have hearing aides?
Suggest turning it down just one notch..tell her how much you love her and that you are worried about her and her took a very long time for my father to admit that he couldn't hear...I know I must not be much help.
The person who is caregiving the hard of hearing person must protect their own ears from high volume tv or radio. I'd do whatever you have to do to acquire tv ears or a system that your loved one can listen and you the caregiver can have your own peace and quiet. Community resources, a bargain deal, a used pair, a newer TV. Freecycle, or recycle centers, or ask for what you need in your local newspaper.
We (Mom, Dad and I) are going to need sound cancelling head phones soon when they start construction on a building on the empty lot next door. I happened to notice a suggestion of getting them from a sporting goods store, in the hunting department. That is what I'll be looking into. I would try this if I were in your situation, dgharris.
Since I have a hearing loss too...since birth...maybe I can help. If your TV is too old for TV ears, does that mean it is also too old to have Close Captioning? (All TV's made after 1991 were required to have it,...or was it 1993?) You could join the Freecycle in your area and ask if anyone has a working TV that they are getting rid of? Tell them that the only other requirement was that it needs to have CC. A lot of people are getting rid of their previous TV's now that the huge flat screens are out. With captions, she shouldn't need so much volume, once she gets out of the habit....reduce the volume just a bit each week/day until you are comfortable.

Another solution is to put the TV in a room where you can shut the door...(but if she is anything like my mom, she probably wants you right there with her, right?)

I hope this helps. If I remember anything else, I'll let you know.

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