Assistance for elderly woman living at home?

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What programs are available for my friend that is living at home with her son? He is a big help to her but she is losing her eyesight, has fallen several times and is extremely lonely?

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Nepenna, your friend can call the County/City agency on aging to see what programs are out there. Every location is different.

You mentioned "assistance", do you mean financial or caregiving type of assistance. In that case, your friend would need to qualify for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare], thus live at or near poverty level. Each State is different as to what type of programs they have. Hopefully there will be a program where an Aide can come to help out a few hours each week.

Sounds like your friend's son is away from the house working since your friend is extremely lonely. If there is a local Adult Day Care center, your friend might enjoy going there. Hopefully the County/City can provide mini-bus service, and Medicaid can pay for the Day Care center.

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