They tell me she has reached a PT plateau, but I disagree and have been in contact with ombudsman. I want some assurance that she COULD remain there for a while longer.

Given many cases of death due to COVID 19 virus in Minnesota nursing homes, are her chances of getting the COVID 19 virus less if I bring her home or leave her there? Prior to her surgery she and I lived together. I work from my home with no physical contact with the public.
Should I bring her home now or try to get them to extend PT another week or two?
Thank you for any expertise you may have.

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I agree, safer with u. Ask if u both can be tested.
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Once a person in rehab has been determined to have stopped making progress, Medicare stops paying for their continued care. It's up to the PTs and the OTs to make THEIR determination about your mother's progress and then send it into Medicare. Your feelings on the matter seem to have more to do with the virus dangers than the progress she's making with her rehab, which I understand, but the powers that be may not. If you want to pay for your mother's continued stay at the facility out of pocket, I'm sure you can do that.

The logic you're using here makes no sense to me, though. You are at home with no outside contacts of any kind coming in; she's in a community facility with tons of people coming and going all day, potentially bringing the virus with them and TO her.

She can contract the virus at the facility she's at if there is an outbreak, certainly, as there are MANY long term care homes with covid-19 outbreaks all over the country right now. Assuming she's virus free right now, I'd say she's safer at home with you than in a community environment of any kind, especially since you are saying there are many deaths in MN due to the virus in NHs!!
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