Bedridden and having stomach issues.

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Ugh, what a mess. If your mother is bedridden, that means changing disposable briefs in bed, not to mention a thousand other duties that come with the difficult territory. Obviously, she should not be living independently.........which means you and your brother have to be there with her 24/7. I know how tricky Kaiser can be..........I have it myself............but Medicare should allow her to go to Rehab for a few weeks to recuperate THERE instead of at home. I don't really understand why she was released to her home to begin with, truthfully. At 96 years old and now bedridden with a broken ankle, she requires 24 hour round the clock care.

As far as not sleeping goes, ask for a sleeping pill to be prescribed. The pain killers probably have caused her stomach issues and/or constipation......? The problem with 96 is that any medication or issue creates ANOTHER issue to deal with. A vicious cycle I see all the time with my 93 y/o mother who lives in Memory Care.

The other thing you can consider is getting her into a Nursing Home (rehab) for a while on private pay. I seriously don't see how you and your brother can do this yourselves for much longer. You'll have to come up with Plan B and Plan C. What about home health for a few hours a day, like lilhelp suggested, although I really don't think it's enough. See what MC and Kaiser will cover.

Wishing you the best of luck.
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Ask dr. for home health care for help so you & brother get breaks & so Medicare covers.
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evelyn, ouch, ouch, ouch. Having a broken bone can be very painful. As for the stomach issue, pain meds can easily do that.

Does the person have a walking cast to help him/her move around? Are there any other health issues at his/her age? Does the person have routine x-rays to see how the bone is healing? A hairline fracture can take twice as long to heal in an older person. After the healing comes physical therapy because the leg has been immobile thus the muscles will freeze up.

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt when I broke my arm.
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Evelyn428 welcome!

Are you the person having this issue?

Can the person with the broken ankle not use a wheelchair to give her some mobility?

Is this person in hospital, home or rehab?
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evelyn428 Jul 7, 2020
My Mom is home. No walking cast. they don't want her to put any pressure on her ankle, so she lays in bed and we roll her from side to side. Now she's not sleeping. longest stretch is 3 hours the up the rest of night. She is off pain meds now. She is going on 48 hours with only 3 hours sleep and short
15 min. naps. We go to Kaiser from x-rays every 1-2 weeks. My Brother and I have been doing 12 hours shifts to make sure she is ok. We are getting burned out.
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